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It's a boy.

Rachel names him Thomas with a clearly defiant glint in her eye; a last revenge against the man who had put her in this position-- barely nineteen and already a mother. She tells her cousin that if Elliot has a problem with it, he can come and tell her himself.

Andrew just smooths her hair and tries to wish away the desperately lost look hiding in her eyes beneath the anger. Kisses her forehead and tells her to get some rest-- he can take care of things for now-- before he's shooed away by the clearly fretful Healer because it had been a difficult birth, and nobody liked the distant expression on Rachel's face.

He goes to check on his nephew; tries not to flinch at how blue the boy's eyes are. Ends up slumping outside of the door of the room Rachel's in with furious tears fighting to rise.

They're clearly heard when he pulls out his wand and mutters the quiet incantation. They'll be easily noticeable when the Patronus he sends in the direction of his best friend speaks its message in his voice.

"Ed, you just... You really need to come home, okay? Please?" There's a pause, so lengthy that the former Gryffindor may think the missive over were it not for the fact that the dog-- looking more despondent than anyone could think a Patronus could-- is still in existence. Then, its mouth opens one last time, and out rushes Andrew's last few words, a crack clear through the middle of his voice as they escape, "It's about Rachel."
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It's midday, but Andrew is curled up in the corner of his couch with the lights in his room all off, hands pressed unconsciously against the sides of his head as though he's trying to squeeze the thoughts currently sending him into this moment of too-intense contemplation out of his brain.

Really, his mind is always running in a way that leads him to this sort of tailspin, but usually he's able to keep it at bay through work or distracting himself by spending time with Argine or training with Edgar or talking poetry with his cousin. Sometimes, though, there are flare-ups, and nothing's really able to stop him from falling into the trap that is his own head.

There are, however, certain things-- or people-- that are able to pull him out again.
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Andrew Fioro is entirely a pacifistic person. Not one to go and punch things when enraged or frustrated. Prefers, instead, to tuck himself away and write or play the piano when something hurts him.

And he is hurting now. Hurting still, over the fact that his cousin has chosen to leave the Clubs for the Diamonds. Hurting more, perhaps, over what Argine has just told him-- that they're over for real now, despite the on-again-off-again nature of their relationship having made him doubt. That she's seeing Edgar.

He thinks his betrayal hurts more than hers or even Rachel's did.

Which is why he will be hidden in one of the practice rooms of the Clubs Castle, fingers flying over the keyboard as he loses himself in Appassionata.

Maybe if he plays loud enough, it will drown out the pain of his heart.


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